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My Customized Skin Quiz is Here!

My Customized Skin Quiz is Here!

It feels so good to finally announce that my Skin by Blair Custom Skin Quiz is live!  This has been a long time in the making and I have poured my heart (and also some blood, sweat, and tears!) into the making of this. So what made me want to create this quiz in the first place? YOU! As you all know, I work full time and see patients five days a week. When I get off work I often have hundreds of DM’s and sometimes it’s just impossible for me to respond to every one of you. I hate leaving your questions unanswered! Many of you ask me for personalized skin care advice and I simply don't have the hours in the day to answer every one of you.  But not getting back to you just eats at me which is precisely why I created my customized skin quiz.

Now, I know that there are a lot of skincare quizzes on the internet, but y’all know me and I’m not going to develop anything unless I believe it can be done better! My quiz literally has about 300,000 different recommended skincare routines based on your specific answers. I literally went through every single possible outcome and wrote out exactly what skincare products I would recommend for each. This quiz is literally as if you were sitting in my office getting a customized skincare routine from me – it is the same questions I would ask and the exact recommendations I would give! It even takes into account how many steps you are willing to take with your skincare routine. You have the option to choose if you want just the essentials, all the goods, or somewhere in between! It is so easy (literally takes 3 minutes to complete) and you can simply click on the recommended products to add them to your cart! 

I want you all to feel like you’ve had the opportunity to share your skincare concerns and goals with me and to know every product I would recommend. Take my customized skin quiz and get ready to feel fabulous in your skin! I know it may feel overwhelming to commit to a completely new routine all at once, but by grabbing my full regimen recommendation, you will achieve the best outcome for your skin! I hope y’all love it!