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BAKUCHIOL: A Retinol-Alternative

BAKUCHIOL: A Retinol-Alternative

After years in the making, I’m so excited to finally add Bakuchiol to the Skin by Blair product lineup! I started working on Bakuchiol after being asked hundreds of times whether or not retinoids are safe to use while pregnant or nursing, and since unfortunately retinoids are not considered pregnancy safe, I needed an alternative that you ladies could use while pregnant! 

Skin by Blair Bakuchiol

Y’all know I love retinoids; I recommend them so often because they are wonderful for almost any skin concern – they help with everything from acne and blackheads, to improving skin tone and texture (and all things in between!) But, unfortunately, retinoids are NOT safe for pregnant or nursing mothers. That’s where Bakuchiol comes in. Bakuchiol is a pregnancy safe retinoid-alternative. I won’t get into the nitty gritty of how the formula interacts with the body, but basically it has a very similar gene expression as retinoids, meaning they have very similar benefits to the skin. (If you’re curious what the ingredient bakuchiol looks like, check out its beautiful amber color below!)

One of the best things about this product is that everyone can benefit from it! Even if you’re not pregnant or nursing, not planning on getting pregnant anytime soon, or you’re done having babies, you can still use it as a retinoid booster! Bakuchiol stimulates collagen production, helps produce elastin, firms your skin, improves skin tone, decreases hyperpigmentation and helps with overall skin quality and texture. Its' anti-bacterial properties make it ideal for acne prone skin, and its' antioxidant properties help to shield your skin from free radicals, preventing collagen breakdown. This makes it great for those of you with any anti-aging skin concerns!

bakuchiol serum

I personally love bakuchiol because it helps my struggle with melasma. Bakuchiol slows down melanin synthesis, so it reduces dark spots and hyperpigmentation. I also love using it as a retinoid booster so I get all the collagen stimulation I can get! If you are struggling to bump up your retinol, or looking for a retinol-like product that is not photosensitive, Bakuchiol is the perfect solution. Whether you are currently using Retivance, Differin, Retin-A or Tretinoin, Bakuchiol will make your retinoid work even better, without causing irritation. 

Bottom line - Bakuchiol is amazing for every age and every skin type.  I’ve put so much heart and soul into this product, I encourage everyone to try it for themselves!

How to Incorporate Bakuchiol into Your Routine: 


1. Brightening Wash
2. Tonic
3. Vitamin C
4. Bakuchiol
5. Eye Cream
6. Créme de la Blair
7. Intellishade Original


1. Papaya Enzyme Cleanser
2. Tonic
3. Bakuchiol
4. Eye Cream
5. Retinoid (if not pregnant or nursing) - RET+
6. Créme de la Blair